Yorston & Associates Support Harvard Graduate Design Program

We value education, re-investing in the signage industry, and being at the cutting edge of technology. We came together with our distributor partner, Harbor Sales, to provide a donation of Alumet Supply aluminum sheet metal that allowed students at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design to implement techniques and strategies for the design of prototype structures. The work was centered on advanced digital 3-D modeling techniques, visualization, transfer of digital data and fabrication methods.

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The Right Representation

“We do not come into sign shops offering just one or two products but an entire solution. Our main focus is on the customer’s needs and ‘it’s a relationship you can’t go without in our industry.” says Bob Esser at Cima Network – Signage & Environmental Branding. Read this amazing article in the May edition of Sign Builder Illustrated written by Ashley Bray featuring lots of key people in the industry!

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Enlisting Reps to Help Build Impressions

“Adam Yorston gives a rep’s perspective on sales presentations in the March issue of Agency Sales Magazine. “It can be done in person or in today’s world even over a screen share or webinar program. Our most recent success came from a presentation to a sales manager in California and a general manager in Texas, while I was in Delaware and my team member in Iowa. In that moment we were incredibly efficient.”

Excerpted from March 2017’s Signs and Digital Graphics

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The Mystery of Manufacturer’s Reps

Brian Vlasich entered the sign industry the way many do—unexpectedly. He answered an ad for a job at aluminum extrusion provider SignComp and spent five years working there in customer service and marketing.
After a few years, he felt the need for a change.
When a position in the Midwest opened up three years ago at Yorston & Associates, a company of independent manufacturer’s representatives, Vlasich jumped at the opportunity.

Excerpt from November 2016’s Sign Builder Illustrated

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Employing Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives

“On a project like this, if you don’t have a professional like Yorston, you’ll spend way too much of your time and energy researching something that they already have within their line of resources.”

Patrick Dooley, North Shore Neon

From Building Impressions by Scott Franko, July 2016’s Sign and Digital Graphics

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