Enlisting Reps to Help Build Impressions

“Adam Yorston gives a rep’s perspective on sales presentations in the March issue of Agency Sales Magazine. “It can be done in person or in today’s world even over a screen share or webinar program. Our most recent success came from a presentation to a sales manager in California and a general manager in Texas, while I was in Delaware and my team member in Iowa. In that moment we were incredibly efficient.”

Excerpted from March 2017’s Signs and Digital Graphics

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The Digital Signage Revenue Stream

“Our manufacturer partners, Bill Kurtzer from Gallery Digital Signage and Deacon Wardlow from Vantage LED, talked to Ashley Bray about the shift towards digital signage in the March issue of Sign Builder Illustrated. “Companies that offer digital signage will be aligning themselves with the future and what’s to come” says Kurtzer. Y&A’s close relationship with both digital manufacturers allow for sign shops to receive quality training and education in order to effectively service their customers.”

Excerpted from March 2017’s Sign Builder Illustrated

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